music for film and tv

Peter Dasent has over thirty years experience as a composer and a songwriter for film and television. 

His first film score was for Peter Jackson, the Muppets' send-up Meet the Feebles (1989). He also scored Jackson's Braindead (aka Deadalive) and the Oscar-nominated 1994 feature Heavenly Creatures. 



For television he has concentrated on mainly documentaries and children's drama and animation, mostly for pre-school ages. The latter include the animated series Zigby, and music for Sesame St and Bananas In Pajamas (Series 6). Peter has been the musical director and pianist for ABC-TV's Playschool for eighteen years. If you have your own pre-schoolers you can hear him play everyday on the show, which includes a daily story where he improvises the piano score in one take. 


music for film


"Voodoo Lagoon” (2006) (director  Nick Cohen)

Matador Films, London UK


Halifax f.p.” (telemovie / series 3 ep 2) (1999) (director  David Caesar)

Simpson-Le Mesirier/Channel 9, Australia


"Channelling Baby” (1998) (director  Christine Parker)

Oceania-Parker Films, Auckland,  New  Zealand


“Not Fourteen Again” (1996) (director Gillian Armstrong)

Spirited Films, Sydney (feature length documentary)


Heavenly Creatures” (1994) (director Peter Jackson)

Wingnut Films, Wellington New Zealand

(Nominee for “Best Film Score” at NZ Film and TV Awards)


Braindead” (1992) (director Peter Jackson)

Wingnut Films, NZ (Winner “Best Film Score” Montreal “Cinema Fantastique”)


Meet The Feebles” (1989) (director Peter Jackson)

Wingnut Films, NZ

music for television

2018 (in post-production) 

Smell-O-Vision” (prod. Tammy Burnstock)) - 90min documentary directed by John Anderson

"Play School" - Pianist, musical director and songwriter (ABC-TV) since 2000



The Justine Clarke Show” - Six songs for kids’ TV show (ABC-TV) 



Life Love and Vaccines” (NatGeo) - 90min documentary directed by Sonya Pemberton



Paddock to Plate” (Lifestyle TV) - Cookery series starring celebrity chef Matt Moran - title and incidental music



"Jabbed" (SBS-TV) - 90 min documentary directed by Sonya Pemberton (SBS)



Immortal” (SBS/Nat Geo) – 60min documentary directed by Sonya Pemberton - winner of 2012 EMMY award for “Outstanding Science and Technology Programming”



Zigby” (Avrill Stark Ent.) – 52x10min episodes of children's animation series



Four Corners” (ABC-TV) – rearrangement/remix of title music

Catching Cancer” (ABC-TV/Nat Geo) – 60 min documentary directed by Sonya Pemberton




Angels and Demons” (ABC-TV) – Andrew Denton TV special dir Sonya Pemberton

Race to the Beach” (SBS/BBC) – 60min documentary directed by Alan Erson



Sesame St” (Sesame Workshop) 3x60sec animations



Sesame St” (Sesame Workshop) 5x60sec animations 

Insight” (SBS-TV) - theme music for weekly current affairs program

Fine Line” (SBS Independent) 6x30 min documentary series (dir. Ellen Fanning)



Mormel TV” (RTV Germany) – 20x30 sec animations for children’s TV

Rough Justice” (ABC-TV) – 4x30 min documentary series (dir. Simon Target)



Bananas In Pajamas (Series 6)”  (ABC-TV) – 80 x 5min eps 

Escape of the Artful Dodger” (Grundys/Ch 9) – 13 x 25 min kids’ drama series



"Gloria's House" (Energee Entertainment) - 26 x25 min animated series (dir. Jo Boag) (Winner "Best Original Song" AGSC Awards)

Our Street” (ABC-TV) 3x60 min documentary series (dir. Jenny Brockie)

The Track” (Chapman Pictures/ABC-TV) - 6 x 1 hr documentary series (prod. Penny Chapman)

Snowy” (Discovery Channel/ABC-TV) - 60min documentary (prod/dir. Bruce Belsham)

Sisters in Arms” (ABC TV) - 60min documentary (prod/dir. Maria Chilcott)