Hi - I'm Peter Dasent. 


I play piano, compose music, write songs and generally involve myself in interesting music projects. 


While I try not to confine myself to any particular musical genre, I will admit to being hugely influenced by The Beatles, Erik Satie, Nino Rota, Thelonious Monk and Frank Zappa. 


I've composed music for film (early Peter Jackson -"Heavenly Creatures", "Brain Dead" aka "Deadalive" and "Meet The Feebles"), TV (mainly children's and documentaries) and written and produced platinum selling children's albums (Justine Clarke's "I Like To Sing" and more). 


I've also released many albums of my own music including "Songs For Solo Piano" recorded at Abbey Road, and records by my longtime chamber-jazz ensemble The Umbrellas, Blessed Relief (with Tony Backhouse) and The Bend (with Fane Flaws and Tony Backhouse). All are available on CD or for download here


Check out the links and get in touch for bookings or more info!